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Subject: Registration Mad Circus Convention

Workshop and Convention Timetable

Mad Circus Timetable

Registration Details

Participation in the convention is not a prerequisite for the participation in the workshops. Contributions for accommodation are considered separately.

For registration, please send us:

Your name, surname, address, telephone number and E-mail address and choose from the following:


Workshops Early Bird Rate after 01.nov Comment
Convention/week 40 € 60 € only Convention Participation
Convention/day 10 € 12 € only Convention Participation



Special Juggling Workshops

 15€ /unit (2h)

Slow Forward


Rebel Art Juggling Laboratory


Children’s Circus

Children free / adults 5€ (2h)


Dom im Berg // SHOW Tickets



10,00 €

Box Office

13,00 €

Pre-Sale in all branch banks of the Steiermärkischen Sparkasse, spark7 discount.


Accommodation Contribution Comment
Papierfabrik/week 40 €

Mattress dorm (limited)

Papierfabrik/day 6 €

 Mattress dorm (limited)

External Self-organised


Meals Contribution  Comment
1 week completely 40 € Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Per day 6 € Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

With the confirmation of your registration for a workshop or the convention, you will automatically become a member of our cultural association (Verein Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik). The convention and workshops are considered club activities and all fees are to understood as contributions to the cultural club.

 Mit der Bestätigung der Anmeldung eines oder mehrerer Mad Circus Convention Angebote wird jeder Teilnehmer automatisch Vereinsmitglied (Verein Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik). Die Veranstaltung ist eine Vereinsveranstaltung und alle Preise sind als Unkostenbeiträge zu verstehen.

Please feel free to contact us at:

for further details.

Thank you!