With aprox. 750m², our artspace and gallery gives space for various art projects, exhibtions, concerts& clubbings,ateliers& studios. The main focus of our work lies in production and presentation of  selforganized and external projects coming from fields like contemporary arts, performative arts, digital arts, music and discourse.


Exhibition with discourse at Papierfabrik

Since the funding of „Papierfabrik“, in the year 2011, therefor more than 50 events took place in our unique art space. The compound was built over 100 years ago and has  a very charming  flair, coming from it’s constructive form, mainly walls made out of the traditional method of mixing rocks and bricks.

The exhibition space gives 370m² room for all types of artistic interventions and consists of one main and one ground floor. Due to our philosophy both floors have a flexible inventory to provide all conceptions with as much liberty as possible.

Over the last 2 years, the „Papierfabrik“ created several events and festivals to force the creative process taking place in its homebase Graz. Projects like „LIVIN´ STREETS FESTIVAL“, „NERDS“ or „MAD CIRCUS“ were brought up, to name some of the most relevant ones.


„Livin´Streets“ 2014 – Festival for urban art, graffiti & street art

Next to the goal of building connections through out Austria, these projects also leveled the focus on internationality. Therefor usually artists from all over the world were invited to our projects, to keep communication and exchange within artists ongoing and further on to build up networks within different places in the world.

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