The Livin´Streets Festival developed to become an international platform for artistic projects in the fields of „urban arts, graffiti& street art“.
Since our founding, in 2013, we tried to increase artprojects in our homebase Graz, mainly happening in public space with focus on international values due to the area of muralism. Our main goals are to create a modern understanding of art and architecture, to force the international exchange and networking of artists, to initiate political discourse, the presentation to a worldwide comunity, as well as increasing the amount of artprojects happening in Austria and other places in the world.



Livin´Streets was created in 2013 by the independent artspace and gallery „Papierfabrik“ which was founded befor that in 2011 by a punch of motivated young artists and musicians. The idea of this comunity was to create an open space for all types of independent art projects, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, parties etc.. and to give space for especially those creative heads that work with the minimum of a budget necessary to make something happen. Since the last 4 years this atitude didn´t change and therfor also the believe did not suddenly change into  a comercially focused direction. The members of Papierfabrik know the imoportance of open spaces in general keeping this path alive and ongoing.



„Ok guys,.. let´s paint!“

During this period of time several new painted murals, exhibitions, concerts& parties will form the whole process to an intensive international art festival. Like in year 2014 several artists from all over the world are invited to develop new pieces of art on several spots in Graz and  surrounding.
Next to the ongoing artprocess several events will be held between July and September to present the range of murals being created during this period of time. The concepts to these exhibitions, concerts, parties are created in cooperation with our partners and sponsors, that also help to have interesting sideprogram happening like skatecontests, breakdance battles, graffiti jams etc..
Next to our goal of creating an mural prozess with international character we want to give space for creative minds that want to get involved in the festival with their ideas and conzepts. Our goal behind this is to create a strong comunity in our homebase Graz and to give features of selforganization and public creation.
 For detailed informations about „LIVIN STREETS FESTIVAL 2016“, please contact us over in terms of being an artist that wants to get involved or by being somone to evolve other ideas that may be integrated.