Psychedelic Films & Exhibition

by Tripoteca Festival


Tripoteca ・ the only international psychedelic film & art festival ・ after a tour of more than 20 locations around the world, is closing its second edition with its first beaming in Austria, at ElectroNerds.

Tripoteca will be the landing spot for over 50 short films, animations and music videos from 17 countries, and an art exhibition from another dimension, beyond time and space.All revolve around metaphysical matters, the expansion of consciousness and abstract aesthetics. All have the purpose to give birth to an intense internal journey.


Tripoteca prepares two sessions of films: 溺eta Fun・ (astral humour filled with eye-candy vortexes of colours) & 典he Introspective Journey・ (deep surrealistic reflections)

Films line-up:

Digital art by: Anai Greog [RO], Daniel Bega [RO], Silviu Andrisoi [RO], Roxana Benea [RO], Cristian Prandea [RO], Nomadi Cortex [UK], Dion Dion [UK],  Totemical [CA], Ori Toor [IL], KOKOFREAKBEAN [US], Lucas Simoes [BR], Keerych Luminokaya [RU], Pyxius [DK]. Metatron’acid [FR]

Video installations: “6/64” by Morgan Beringer [UK] & excerpts  from „Les Religions Sauvages“ directed by Le Dernier Cri [FR]

Curator: Adrian Manolescu